Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New School Year

     With each new school year comes new challenges and requirements. There is the uncertainty of working with news staff members and the concern over a smaller budget. 

    Instead of thinking about challenges and requirements, I thought about the children. My school is a Title I school that receives federal funding due to the number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. We also serve many students who live with family members other than their parents. Many of our students are part of families that are struggling economically because of unemployment and underemployment. Yet while their needs are great, I believe if we commit ourselves to do all we can to reach out to our students, they will be successful. 

So I put this video together to share with the staff at my school. I hope that even if you are not a school teacher, this video will inspire you in your relationships with all children you come in contact with.


  1. Thank you so much Terri for that inspiring video. I would love to share that piece with the staff at my school.
    I started school this week and no matter how many times you start a new school year, there are always jitters about opening day. I am also at a Title One school with students who have the same issues that your students have and it is really a challenge sometimes. What is most important is that we approach it with the right mindset and look at each student as an individual with needs that may be different from the next student.
    That message has been the main topic of each workshop this first week of pre-planning. We are reminded to take the time to know and understand each of our students. Know as much about their background as possible. Don’t write any student off because they don’t respond or learn as quickly as we think they should or respond the way we think they should. Investigate their backgrounds; solicit help from guidance counselors and contact parents with a positive message first, which will make it easier if you must call again with a problem.
    What is inspiring is the attitude that a first year teacher brings to the school. Their eagerness and fresh ideas are rejuvenating for those of us who have been there for some time. So preparation for the start of school for some teachers becomes a two way street. The new teacher will be looking to the seasoned teacher for advice on how to best teach these students while the returning teacher feeds off of their energy and fresh ideas while providing guidance as they get to know these students who can sometimes be very complex.
    So the bottom line of what we do together is for the success and education of the students we teach.
    This is a very inspiring video that everyone should see. You did an excellent job.

  2. Thank you for your kind response. This was not a required post for class, but it was one I wanted to add because I think we need to really look at the students we are teaching at instead of demanding they comply with us, our focus should be how can I serve them.
    I did show this at our first day on Monday and it was well received. Please feel free to use it, especially if you think it will help inspire your teachers.
    Thank you for your comments!