Saturday, August 28, 2010


     For my week 4 practical experience, I chose to work with Adobe Flash CS4. I had taken a course on Flash CS3 a few years ago at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) and enjoyed it, but since I did not have the software on my school or home computer, I was not able to practice. When learning new software, you have to be able to practice and explore on your own. Needless to say, I remember nothing from FETC, and have to start completely over!
Flash CS4 Interface in the Essentials Layout
     Using videos on, I began with an introduction to the software. Since I have Flash installed on my MacBook, I was able to follow along with the presenter as he toured the interface. 
    The next few videos in chapter 1 of the Flash training introduced me to the common file extensions used in Flash. They are FLA, or flash file, SWF, the Flash movie file, and the supported files such as FLV, F4V, and MP4. 
Working with Symbols in Flash CS4

     Up to this point I was able to follow along with the video, but when the presenter started discussing object drawing and merge drawing modes, I had to pause the video frequently to digest and try out the information. I learned how to draw ovals and rectangles and how to drag a shape from the library onto the stage. The example we used had a logo on it and I learned how to double click on the symbol to remove the logo. That's when I started getting excited!
      I imported a picture file, a music file and a video file. After each import, I was able to preview the the changes by selecting control, test video.
     I finished 3 chapters this morning, and feel more confident than ever. I will take on another group of chapters this afternoon. So check back and see what else I found out!

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