Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today's blog is a "commercial" for a Web 2.0 tool reviewed here previously. Pixenate Photo Editor is easy to use and since you do not have to sign up, teachers can have students edit photos with very little assistance. Enjoy the commercial!



  1. Teresa,
    Your commercial is wonderful! I love the pace and tone of your voice and the way you truly used this opportunity as an advertisement for Pixenate. The text and voiceover while your video plays is so impressive—I haven’t quite mastered that yet ☺. I assume that you did this in imovie, right? Please let me know if it was another software besides imovie. It had such a nice flow to it and the music in the background was perfect in how it related to the material. It reminded me a little bit like the music from a game show, which only added to the entertainment value for me. Also the way you used the screenshots of the actual pages in pixenate was very helpful to give your viewer an idea of the site graphics. What was also a really nice feature was the mention of the gift idea after your images have been edited. That caught my attention right away.

    Though I have to teach digital photography using Adobe Photoshop in my school, I love the way you highlighted the features of your tool. And the fact that this photo editing software is free is the greatest feature of all. One of the issues we face at my school is the lack of enough open lab hours in our digital mac labs, so by the incorporation of a tool such as pixenate students could have more image editing practice. Thanks for the great information and I will definitely check out pixenate based purely on your commercial.

  2. Hi Dena, thanks for your comment. I actually took some liberty with the software and used Final Cut Pro. It is the software I use in my teaching and I can do more with it.
    I would LOVE to have access to a Mac lab. I have a tower within my TV studio and 3 Intel IMacs in the classroom area outside of the studio. With 12 elementary children it would be so wonderful if I at least had 6 so they could share 2 at a machine.
    The music was from GarageBand. It was from the Magic GarageBand part of the software, so it was very easy to put together.
    So what grades do you teach?