Sunday, August 8, 2010


      I take pride in my digital photos. Much of my work has appeared on our school website at one time or another. I have used many different applications to edit digital photos, but none so easy as Pixenate.  It is a Web 2.0 tool that makes editing digital photos as easy as 1, 2, 3! 
      To begin, upload a digital picture. Once the picture appears you have a range of options that you can use to enhance your image. My favorite option, which I seem to always use the most, is the UNDO feature! Thankfully it is the feature located right at the top.
Pixenate Basic Toolbar

    Other basic tools include select all, and unselect all, zoom in and zoom out, crop and resize tool, and the flip and rotate tools. While these are all pretty basic, some of the next tools may take some playing with to get used to. For example the normalize and enhance tools. The normalize tool is used "to improve color balance within the photo. Good for improving flat, muted photos." (, 2010). Whether you have the experience to know if a photo is flat or muted does not matter, because the undo button is always there to save you if you need it!
Pixenate Fun Effects Toolbar
Pop Art Effect
     In addition to the basic tools, are a group of fun effects that will give your photo editing some pizazz! Whether it's to add a halo or to create a heart shaped cut out of one of your loved ones, these fun effects demand to be played with! I personally enjoy the pop art poster effect that allows me to make a pop art poster style photo of myself. So have some fun and enjoy Pixenate to create some interesting variations of your digital photos. You can save, print, and share your finished products to Flickr

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