Thursday, March 17, 2011

Searching the Internet? Are You SURE?

How does Google work? 
This short video from one of Google's developers will explain it in 4 minutes or less. Very interesting! If you teach, you should share this with your students!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Create with Kerpoof!

My students are very interested in creating digital content. They have been using such websites as GoAnimate and Bookemon, but they have a new favorite: Kerpoof. Kerpoof is a free website where students can create animated movies, original artwork, greeting cards, word pictures, and digital stories.  

The story starters provide a theme for the students to begin imaginative stories. The graphics for the backgrounds and characters allow the students to illustrate their stories easily so they can concentrate on the story line and character development. 

Student created picture of a basketball game.

Another nice feature are the teacher tools and lesson plans. The resources for teachers make Kerpoof fit into instruction across the curriculum. There is also a group message board for students and teachers to chat with each other. Classes can be set up so each student has a unique user name and password.The settings are all controlled by the teacher. Messages can be deleted by the teacher in the teacher tools section of the website. There are also chat controls to allow or limit student messaging.

Once a student creates an asset, they save and post it. Their teacher and classmates can view it from the message board and leave comments and award stars. The students also earn points for their creations that they can use to purchase additional scenes, props, and characters in the store. 

If you want your students or your own kids at home to have fun and create original digital stories easily, check out Kerpoof!