Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Virtual Classroom!

In my quest for a truly safe yet virtual game experience for my ITV class, I have found a Web 2.0 tool called Whyville. It has all the features I wanted such as chat rooms, games, creative activities, and even shopping! But the thing I like most is the safety.

I earned my "chat license" in Whyville
 After I registered, I was allowed to take a tour. I even earn my "Chat License" which takes the user through scenarios and makes them decide what is or is not a dangerous chat. For elementary students, this feature is a must, and as a parent and teacher I was happy to see it as a prerequisite for the chat feature.

  Another safety precaution is since I registered as a teacher, I had to complete a verification form with my school name, principal's name, and my state of license. This is another well-planned safety precaution. I am introducing this to my parents after the Labor day holiday, and I know they will feel comfortable with my choice. I'll write more after I receive my approval.