Thursday, August 5, 2010


IGoogle is a feature of Google that allows the user to customize your own home page. You can add widgets of popular websites and also add a Box of Links that you can customize with websites that do not have widgets. You can add tabs for different areas of your life online. For example, I have a Home tab that includes popular destinations such as Facebook and Twitter. My other tabs are organized for my Full Sail work. Here are screen shots of my tabs.
IGoogle Home Tab  

 IGoogle Full Sail OnlineTab

IGoogle Action ResearchTab

IGoogle Emergent Technologies Class Tab

     You will notice that each tab has a different list of websites, specific for my work in that area. I also have changed the theme for each page which makes it easier for me to quickly identify where I am.
     You should try setting up your own IGoogle home page. All you need is a gmail account, and the onscreen directions will guide you easily through the rest. Have fun and let me know how you did!

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